NBA 2K21 – Season 5 Modern Age And Golden Age Updates

Ben Wallace and De’Aaron Fox join the Modern Age and Golden Age collections as the final additions before Season 5: Age of Heroes comes to a finish.

NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 5: Age of Heroes is wrapping up. We are in the last week which means that this is the last chance to take part in the time-limited activities and earn the season-specific rewards. Season 5 added two new MyTeam collections. Golden Age is a selection that features some of the best NBA players of the past. These are the players whose performances were so amazing and unforgettable that they’ve set a standard for the athletes that came after them. This is where the Modern Age collection comes in. This is a celebration of the current NBA generation. These are some of the best players right now. The collections debuted a few weeks ago but their rosters were still incomplete. Now, as Season 5 is coming to an end, the last cards have been added. Players have the opportunity to acquire these last items and mark the collections complete.

Ben Wallace completes the Golden Age collection. He started playing in the NBA in 1996 with the Washington Wizards. He was for a year with Orlando Magic. Wallace became an NBA champion in 2004 when he was part of the Detroit Pistons team. He was also with the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers. For the last seasons of his career, he returned to the Detroit Pistons. Wallace’s Golden Age item shows him in the Pistons uniform. It’s only fitting seeing as he won the NBA with them. The card has 96 OVR with the center/power forward position. The attributes are 65 outside scoring, 73 playmaking, 93 defending, 80 inside scoring, 94 athleticism, and 96 rebounding.

De’Aaron Fox is the last player to join the Modern Age collection. His professional career started in 2017 with the Sacramento Kings. He was drafted by this team in round 1 as the 5th pick. Fox is still with the Kings. His career highlights include being part of the McDonald’s All-American team in 2016 and SEC Tournament MVP in 2017. De’Aaron’s Modern Age MyTeam card is a 95 OVR item with the point guard/shooting guard position. The attributes are 75 outside scoring, 93 playmaking, 86 defending, 59 inside scoring, 88 athleticism, and 57 rebounding.

Get these cards and don’t forget about Pau Gasol’s Limited Rewards item. It’s a 97 OVR card with 90 outside scoring, 90 inside scoring, 90 defending, 90 athleticism, 90 playmaking, and 90 rebounding.

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